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Stephen G. Canton

Stephen is a disciplined investor at Anacostia Ventures, who has excelled in the business world. At Anacostia, Stephen has helped various companies reach success through individual expertise and talent for identifying and building value in investment opportunities.

Stephen G’s role at Anacostia Ventures

Stephen Canton is currently the Managing Partner of Anacostia Ventures — a top-rated Merchant Bank and private investment firm located in Palm Beach, Florida, that specializes in business analytics, strategy, performance optimization, and capital sourcing, serving early and growth-stage companies, recovering value in turnarounds, and sponsoring leveraged buy-out opportunities for client companies.

Anacostia Ventures is devoted to working with companies to help them reach their full potential. The firm’s portfolio is filled with companies who show great potential for opportunity and success. Steve and his team make it their mission to provide these companies with the right tools, support, and cooperative effort to excel.

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