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True leadership is not the mere exercise of authority. Anyone can do that. True leadership is finding, motivating and empowering talented people. To pull individuals together for a common cause to overcome obstacles that are robbing our citizens of their freedom..
Stephen G.

Meet Stephen G.

Business Leader, Innovator, and Problem Solver

Steve is an icon in the business world who has served as:

  • Chairman of the Export-Import Bank of the U.S. Advisory Board
  • Chairman and CEO of iCore Networks
  • Member of the Board of Directors for WBB and Excel Communications
  • Active Chairman of EnergyWare LLC
  • Currently the Senior Partner of Anacostia Ventures.
Vision for the Country

My 3-Point Plan

Mobilizing Our Youth

Mobilize our Youth for national services beyond just military. This could be re-activating the EPA as a workforce channel, Peace Corps, the criminal justice (prisons) system, and purpose-built ships, i.e. the trash barges in Washington state. We need to engage students at the middle school level in these areas, educate/expose them, and ensure these avenues are considered as viable career/interest paths to give youth more of an actionable purpose/answer to the question ‘who are we as a nation and what do we stand for?’

Cleaning Up Our Streets

Decriminalize drugs and prostitution and legalize non-registered workers. Clean up the immigration mess, give people safe alternatives to get them out of gangs. The drug industry is a trillion dollar economy that we are not currently taxing- why is this?

Enriching Our People

Stop weaponizing taxes – have a flat tax (20% ordinary people, 25% corporations). Bring term limits to elected officials in the House of Representatives and Senate.

01Mobilizing Our Youth
02Cleaning Up Our Streets
03Enriching Our People
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Most Recent Appearances

Election Beat E01 – Stephen G. Canton Announcement

I join Robyn Sachs for the inaugural episode of Election Beat, announcing my consideration to run for the 21st Congressional Seat in the sunshine state of Florida.

Building Connections Through Business, Government and Labor

Stephen G. has proven that in every business he’s run for 30 years his small start ups beat the pants off the big brands because they were diverse as a work group because they were united in wanting to be the best and to prove we weren’t as good as the big brands we were better.


Funded building a church in drug cartel area of Mexico. Partnered with community children's hospitals


Funded 3 successful start ups in 3 years


UNCF WDC Chairman of Masked ball fund raiser same year the MLK statue unveiled
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What Stephen G. Is Saying

Corporate Diversity Meets Equal Opportunity Education

It was a true honor for me to support such a tremendous organization. UNCF’s work provides invaluable access to education for minority students.

Meet Stephen G.

I grew up in a diverse world. I attended an all-black public high school in Washington, D.C. I had a diversity plan in my company before it was on anyone’s radar.

A Philosophy for the Future

Why Does Any Of This Matter To Me?

Together we can build back better by giving back in a meaningful way. Create growth and change based on individual accountability and our collective desire to be the best...
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