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Stop weaponizing taxes – have a flat tax (20% ordinary people, 25% corporations). Bring term limits to elected officials in the House of Representatives and Senate.

Decriminalize drugs and prostitution and legalize non-registered workers. Clean up the immigration mess, give people safe alternatives to get them out of gangs. The drug industry is a trillion dollar economy that we are not currently taxing- why is this?

Mobilize our Youth for national services beyond just military. This could be re-activating the EPA as a workforce channel, Peace Corps, the criminal justice (prisons) system, and purpose-built ships, i.e. the trash barges in Washington state. We need to engage students at the middle school level in these areas, educate/expose them, and ensure these avenues are considered as viable career/interest paths to give youth more of an actionable purpose/answer to the question ‘who are we as a nation and what do we stand for?’

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